The Southwest Washington Fire Prevention Council
Achieving together what one alone could not.

The Southwest Washington Fire Prevention Council is a non-profit organization made up of agencies, landowners, individuals and other professionals who share the common goal of preventing losses from all types of fires. The council works in Wahkiakum, Cowlitz, and Clark counties.

The primary mechanism by which the council achieves it mission is through educational programs. The most successful of these, Team Teaching, is targeted at first graders in our three county area. This program reaches nearly 3000 children each year.

The council participates in several other community events including home and garden shows and safety fairs.

We're gearing up to continue to make a big impact over the next two years and we need your help. It is an exciting time to join the council. We have developed a two-year strategic plan to guide us in preventing all types of unwanted fires. We need your enthusiasm, participation and ideas to make it all happen. Together, we can achieve what one alone could not. 

Council History

The Southwest Washington Fire Prevention Council was formed May 11, 1976 as a partnership of agencies and industrial landowners. Their common goal was the prevention of wildfires from escaped warming fires; a common phenomenon during the fall hunting season. The council's first campaign was the "Prevent-O-Gram": a fire prevention message distributed in October 1977. It dealt with preventing escaped warming fires in the fall, chimney fires, late fall debris burns and other human fire causes.

In 1977 the council began to take part in a nationwide program called Team Teaching; a program to teach first graders fire safety. This has been one our most successful programs. Since 1980, the council has taught fire safety to over 20,000 children in Southwest Washington. The program continues today. In 2005, the program was brought to over 3000 children in Southwest Washington.