In Your Backyard!

This photo was taken from the Summit Guard Station in 1937. You can see Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams in the distance. After the fire, there were thousands and thousands of acres just like this.

That's right. Southwest Washington. It started around September 11 1902 near the village of Carson Washington. Within 36 hours it had marched clean across Skamania County and into Clark and Cowlitz Counties. It burned right up to the doorsteps of the city of Yacolt and its 12 buildings. It was said that it was so hot that it bubbled the paint on the buildings in Yacolt when it was still 1/2 mile away!!! It blackened 238,000 acres in those 36 hours, burned up 12 billion board feet of timber, dozens of homesteads, left hundreds homeless and as a local paper reported, killed "...38 adults and assorted children."

A video has been produced that tells the story of the Yacolt Burn. You can get a copy from your local library (if you are within the Fort Vancouver Regional Library System) or you can contact one of the following agencies (Note: If you are with a school district and would like a copy contact ESD 112):

Clark County Fire Dist. #3


Scott Sorenson


(360) 892-2331


Fire District #11


Abe Rommell


(360) 687-6171


Cowlitz Fire District #1


Forrest Koponen


(360) 225-7462


Cowlitz #2 Fire and Rescue


Brandi Ballinger

(360) 575-6280


Cowlitz Fire District #7


Gary Stuart


(360) 430-9450


Longview Fire Department


Jim Kambeitz


(360) 442-5501


USFS Chelatchie Prairie


Jason DeBarber


(360) 449-7862


USFS Mt. Adams at Trout Lake


Greg Page


(509) 395-3444


USFS Columbia River Gorge


Heather Stiles


(541) 308-1740